For us, making a good ice cream means…

For the past 25 years, for those who want to discover how a master gelato maker works in his own laboratory in Bologna, you can enter La Sorbetteria Castiglione, temple of gourmets in the city!
Our motto is “Learn and improve every day”.
For this reason, our energy and enthusiasm lead us to look for the limits of technology and the new frontiers of ingredients. We know that offering a Fantastic ice cream is a bit like providing pleasure.
This message that you can read in the restaurant and in the laboratories is the starting point to give the best where the unit of measurement of your work is the demanding palate of the customer who seeks in the ice cream that moment of relaxation and pleasure.
In its renovated premises, the Sorbetteria Castiglione offers the comfort of a service attentive to every need and the satisfaction of being able to admire with their own eyes exclusive and unique workings.
At any time of the day you can follow the production processes of homemade ice cream from pasteurization to creaming.
In some moments it is easy to admire the transformation of Sicilian pistachios and Piedmont hazelnuts carefully processed to become fragrant fluid creams that are the hallmark of a product of the highest level that does not skimp on raw materials.
In the laboratory of this ice-cream parlour in Bologna, under the eyes of each customer, it is possible to assist in the preparation of the chocolate in the cup, the creamy fillings of the pralines or the delicate spreadable creams. Everything you taste in Sorbetteria Castiglione is of our production: from the creation and decoration of superb wedding ice cream cakes, through the single-dose delicacies such as Moretti, BonBons and Ice-cream Cookies, to the fantastic transformation of fresh fruit into sugar-free jams!
With a bit of luck you might happen when the Panettoni, Colombe or Certosini come out of the oven, and maybe you will be offered a preview of a taste!
In the laboratories of Sorbetteria Castiglione the scents of tradition are mixed with the latest technology!

Nei laboratori di Sorbetteria Castiglione si mescolano i profumi della tradizione alle novità della tecnologia!

…also reducing sugars and eliminating milk: THE SANISSIMO OF SORBETTERIA CASTIGLIONE

For years we have been trying to develop recipes with an eye to the taste and health of our customers.
This is how Sanissimo was born, a registered trademark of Sorbetteria Castiglione. Sanissimo is a range of ice creams with a low sugar content, lactose free, gluten free and suitable for those who have chosen a diet free of animal products.
The great novelty in all our tastes is the almost complete replacement of common sugar and glucose: the result is the reduction of the Index and Glycemic Load.

The choice of fructose and natural dietary fibres brings with them the benefit of further enhancing the characteristic perfumes and flavours of Sorbetteria Castiglione: in fact, vegetable fats, GMOs, lactose in sorbets and colourants are still not used, while gluten is absent in all raw materials and during production and eggs are present in only 4 flavours: proof that it is possible to serve a fantastic ice cream for everyone (or almost anyone) with strong choices for the benefit of health.
Sanissimo is an ice cream for diabetics
Sanissimo is an ice cream for celiacs
Sanissimo is an ice cream for lactose intolerants
Sanissimo is an ice cream for vegans
But above all…. Sanissimo is GOODEST!


SANISSIMO (without milk and sugar)

Dark chocolate
Cream of Rice and Honey
Espresso coffee
Raw almond
Lemon and ginger
fresh fruit in season

Classic tastes and registered trademarks of Sorbetteria

Salted caramel
Sicilian Cassata
King’s Chocolate
Bolognese cream
Tyrolean cream
After eight o’clock
Cream flower

Cape Mascarpone
Pull me up (contains gluten)
Zuppa inlgese (contains gluten)

Michelangelo Cream®
Edoardo Cream®
Cremino Guglielmo ®
Cremino Ludovico ®
Sweet Emma®
Sweet Karin®

Registered trademarks

We have decided to dedicate our most refined productions to family affections. This is how the registered trademarks of Sorbetteria Castiglione were born. These ice creams tell us something about our great love for what we do. Every taste is dedicated to those who have brought immense joy to our lives and for this reason in some way reflects the character of these people, so unique and rare.

We dedicate the tradition of this ice-cream parlour in Bologna to our beloved children and grandchildren.

Cremino Ludovico caramelized hazelnut cream

It’s a complex and unique recipe. Ludovico is a cremino ice cream with fine hazelnut praline and cocoa butter and whole caramelized hazelnuts.

Sweet Emma fresh ricotta cheese, caramelized eggs and figs

The ricotta cheese from our fresh Apennines arrives every day in our laboratory to be processed within the first 24 hours. For us this ice cream is the panacea of all evils.

Cremino Guglielmo stracciatella of mascarpone and espresso coffee

Where do we start from? From the grue of cocoa beans covered with stracciatella paste? Or fresh mascarpone espresso coffee? A taste for real greedy!

Sweet Karin white chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts

When we thought of Karin we faced a very complicated challenge: working with white chocolate and cocoa butter in an ice cream is really complicated. Each ingredient requires precise temperatures for processing. The final result made us come out satisfied. Taste Karin, it contains 36% Elite white chocolate and the final touch is the caramelized hazelnut grain, we worked it under your eyes.

Edoardo mascarpone cream, pine nuts and elixir S. Marzano

Cream elixir of mascarpone, eggs, and San Marzano liqueur with caramelized inner pine nuts. To achieve this taste, we use the vertical creamer that allows a delicate process that does not alter the balance and does not break the pine nuts. Do you see it behind the counter?

Michelangelo cream of caramelized almonds

Amaretti, caramelized almonds and cocoa? Need anything else to make every taste unique? Every step of the production process takes place under your eyes and the palate returns all the completeness of raw materials of the highest quality.

Ice cream cakes

The ice cream cakes of Sorbetteria Castiglione are packaged in such a way as to preserve intact all the ingredients that compose them and ensure the unique and unmistakable taste of all our desserts. The plastic packaging is designed to allow optimal storage even in home freezers.

To serve it at its best, just pass the surface under a jet of lukewarm water for two minutes.

Cassata Classica
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Chocolate Heart
Extra dark bitter chocolate – vanilla semifreddo
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Heart of Pistachio
Heart of Pistachio – Sweet Pistachio Karin and Gianduja
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Cremino with pralined hazelnuts, gianduja fine dark chocolate
(4 -6-8-10-portion socket)

Tyrolean dessert
alpine fruits, cream flowers, lemon cream
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

I like
Fresh strawberries in syrup, lemon cream, vanilla semifreddo
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Mascarpone – Fresh mascarpone cream, cocoa pieces and powder (4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Classic Meringue
Vanilla semifreddo, meringues, dark chocolate and macaroons
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Zabaione and Chocolate
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Yoghurt and berries
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Crunchy sweet
crunchy dark chocolate and hazelnut base, cream flower and michelangelo cream
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

vanilla semifreddo, edoardo cream, dark chocolate chips
(4-6-8-10-12-14 servings)

Ice cream cakes for ceremonies and parties

Every unforgettable moment of your life deserves to be accompanied by your favorite ice cream.
If you are looking for an ice-cream parlour in Bologna capable of satisfying the most refined palates, if you want to surprise your guests with an unforgettable dessert, come to Sorbetteria Castiglione.
For 25 years we have put the quality of our ice cream first.
In the open laboratory in Via Castiglione ice cream cakes come to life for parties in Bologna and for ceremonies.


Moretto the first ice cream on a stick that stands alone.
Not everyone knows that when we first entered the old pastry shop that was to become La Sorbetteria, we were 25 years old, with little money and a lot of projects, and in this large room that is now our kitchen, there was a huge iron wardrobe, we were curious to open and we were literally submerged by an avalanche of moulds with a slightly narrow cylinder, we rushed to close the doors with difficulty.
Soon it was our imagination that suggested how to use those curious moulds:
Today it exists in a thousand variations: a very fine wrapping of extra chocolate encloses a sweet triumph of ice cream all to be enjoyed.