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IL COCCOLATO is a prestigious brand and part of the Sorbetteria. It is a shop-laboratory dreamt up by Marina Marchiori, master chocolate maker and co-founder of the Association of Master Chocolate Makers in Bologna. This association started/inaugurated the ‘CIOCCOSHOW’ (the Chocolate show) in 2005 and this annual event has become extremely popular in the city.

IL COCCOLATO is just 8 metres from the famous ice-cream shop and it opens each year at the end of September and it closes at Easter. As soon as you enter you feel as though you are in a different world, special, fantastic. While a delicious praline melts in your mouth you can watch with amazement the magic and inspiration of that evening/night and the moment which is created by Marina. You will not find any two creations that are the same….but this is the secret!

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